University of Hull forgets it is an English University, targets white male staff/students whilst blasting English Language.

University of Hull forgets it is an English University, targets white male staff/students whilst blasting English Language.

According to whoever is letting race, gender and class live rent free in their heads at Hull, it's elitist for lecturers to 'mark down' based on spelling mistakes, because it would be wait for it.... elitist.

The University goes on to say, and this is absolutely brilliant because I don't think I've seen a better way to alienate a good proportion of your staff, students or the native population in just one press release before, it goes on to say that "good English might be seen as “homogenous north European, white, male, elite”.

Let me just take a moment here because I've got assignments in front of me written by "North European, white males" who lecture at the university so one might consider them as Elite, you know, because they have good jobs, are smart and definitely have opportunities many wouldn't........ annddd... oh look at that. There's fucking spelling mistakes everywhere. In fact, I don't think I've read an assignment since being at University that doesn't have spelling mistakes in it.

Know why? Because Computer Scientists don't give a flying figtree about how spelling; it's the content and I'm quite sure many of degree pathways will be the same. Hence why I don't think this has ever been an issue and I've been at the university since 2017.

So, what prompted such twoddle from the university? Good question because when I've spoken to lecturers in the past about marking and the marking scheme, they've explained that students aren't marked down - they're either awarded points based on hitting the criteria for the assignment or not.

Where would spelling come into that then? It wouldn't in a lot of assignments, as long as you know, it met a certain standard of proficiency and u woznt wrtn lek diz innit bruv cos dats nt gd izzit, yah gt me?

A good standard of English, in speaking, writing and reading is essential, not just for students native to the United Kingdom but for foreign students as well - after all, what is the point of studying here if they aren't going to learn the language because they're not going to absorb the content fully. Furthermore, good standards enable communication and easier integration; although my experience with foreign students, a recent example being two iraqi students who lived next door, is that they know that Western Universities are soft on things like this and play into it; the two students from iraq even went as far as to rebook English profiency exams in a different city so that they could cheat - this was after I declined to help them cheat via an online exam.

As for me personally, I find it highly hypocritical of the University to claim that "it will instead encourage students to develop a ‘more authentic academic voice… that celebrates, rather than obscures, their particular background or characteristics’" whilst simultaneously slamming the native language, majority student, home city and country populations language as “homogenous north European, white, male and elite”.  How did race and gender get injected into that equation? Don't white women speak English? Have they suddenly forgotten about the Queen? It's not the Kings English, it is in fact the QUEENS English.

So, here's a reminder for whichever person lacking common sense felt like taking a racist, sexist swipe at white male students at Hull.....

This is the United Kingdom:

(obviously just Northern Ireland)

English is the official language:

It's a pretty diverse language...

If you look closely, you'll see that according to google, only 864,000 out of 59,800,000 reported not speaking English. Yes, that includes girls, women and people of colour too. It's shocking! How bloody dare they speak such an Elitist language in 2021!

Amazingly, Hull and the University are in the UK where they speak English! Look!

Can you see Hull, just there on the East coast?

And there's the University...

So, stop being racist and sexist:

According the Official Government figures from the last census, 86.0% of the population is white. Just because you're trying to help "minorities", it doesn't give you an excuse to inject racist or sexist comments into your PR. The University looks stupid - no, really it does, I came across this absolute bollocks on r/NotTheOnion, a subreddit whose description is "For true stories that are so mind-blowingly ridiculous that you could have sworn they were from The Onion".... not exactly the reputation I want for the university I'm spending £9,250 a year to study with - the academics look stupid and frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if the white, male staff / students within the university don't feel discriminated against or pressured into publically complying with this rubbish.