Rob Miles Red Nose Day Lecture In Rhyme 2019

Rob Miles Red Nose Day Lecture In Rhyme 2019

Today Rob Miles put on his 'Lecture in Rhyme' to raise money for Comic Relief. The lecture covered air quality and why it's important to monitor it - which the audience was reliably informed is because we all breath and it's somewhat beneficial if we breath clean air.

Throughout the lecture, gave demos of various sensors including his 'Air quality Top Hat' which you can learn to make by following a tutorial by Rob himself. Of course, there were plenty of gaffs, goofs and doughnuts too!

I was the only (undergrad) student to turn up the lecture but felt it was worth it owing to the sheer amount learned. Thanks Rob!

The full lecture is embedded below, for free, so feel free to watch. Of course, you should also visit for the latest exploits and adventures in air quality.