DDD North 2019

DDD North 2019

Developer! Developer! Developer! or DDD is a conference tailored specifically for developers (who would have guessed?) to network and enhance their skills - get them thinking out of the box and avoid the 'this is the way we've always done it' mentality. This year it was held at the University of Hull, so I went along and had my mind blown by some of the speakers at the event.

Photo @DDDNorth

Here are some of the talks given at the event, and some media to boot!

1. Office 365 as a Development Platform by Dylan Haynes

Dylan Haynes giving his presentation, photo by Deejay Graham

2. Debugging with Git by Luke Stringer


If you want to know more I recommend taking a read of the git bisect documentation here:https://t.co/ijbzg0mhNC— Luke Stringer (@lukestringer90) March 2, 2019

There is also a good chapter on Debugging with Git in the official Git documentation:https://t.co/PkFzFnGJJK

Fun fact - the code that it uses in its example is actually Objective-C!— Luke Stringer (@lukestringer90) March 2, 2019

3. Making SonarQube work for you by Peter Roberts


Slides from my talk at #DDDNorth yesterday on "Making SonarQube Work for You" are now up on SpeakerDeck: https://t.co/EKKZRlxPCt— Peter Roberts (@sarkimedes) March 3, 2019

4. Confessions of a Tech Lead by Adam Griffiths


Doodle by Deejay Graham

Thank you so much @deejaygraham @DDDNorth and @a1lvh you’ve made an amazing momento of my first real public speaking experience! pic.twitter.com/ULpbUIR81B— Adam Griffiths (@ArdLiath) March 7, 2019

5. Functional C# by Simon Painter


For those of you that saw me speak recently at @DDDNorth or @CraftyCodersUG I've finally uploaded my source code to @github along with some extra cuts - my ongoing attempt to complete this year's @AdventOfCode entirely in #functionalcsharp : https://t.co/aQnsAp7FCN— Simon Painter (@madSimonJ) March 4, 2019

6. Adopting Vertical Slices by Jon Hilton



Source Code Examples

7. Building microservices on the Kurbernetes platform by Shahid Iqbal.

https://speakerdeck.com/shahiddev/microservicesonkube https://youtu.be/7bfyIsXTddI?list=PL03Lrmd9CiGcqxJg1msfNXQ8tHLhXs4O7

8. Dev Ops and microservices better together by Sean Farmar


9. Azure functions and container instances by John Staveley


10. Air Quality, LoRA & Azure functions by Rob Miles

Robs short post about the talk: https://www.robmiles.com/journal/2019/3/2/ddd-north-is-today-and-ive-presented

Slides here: https://www.robmiles.com/s/Air-Quality-Lora-and-Azure-Functions-DDD-North.pdf

Photo @pete_codes
Photo @pete_codes