Calling Tech Professionals

After a discussion with a friend, I put the conclusion to the test in a battle between blogs v videos for the betterment of society - also see my shiny new microphone!

Calling Tech Professionals

I recently had a conversation with Andy Hancock, The Codhead Club's resident VMware vExpert Pro, about producing videos. The conclusion was that videos get more engagement than blogs because people don't want to put effort into reading but if you put together a video, they would be more willing to watch!

Taking the bait, I told Andy that I would produce some videos and see what the difference in engagement was - keeping in mind that my website currently gets around 4000 unique visitors a month and has consistently done so for months; so the videos need to do very well in order to beat that.

In any event, off I went to record a video only to find lots of interference from the bluetooth headset which is not fantastic if you're trying to record audio people find palatable. The only resolution really was to purchase a new microphone, so I did!

Here it is:

All set with my "HyperX" microphone, I recorded a new video asking Tech Professionals to join the Codhead Club and contribute to our projects. You can view below.

One of the example projects I gave was about filtering Child Porn on directories listing discord or mastodon instances. This is quite important as outlined on my blog post here (republished by Secjuice here) but also because youtubers are having to warn their viewers not to click links in their communities because spammers are targetting them with links to it. Keep in mind that the target audience for many of these youtubers will be children/teens and the whole thing because quite sickening.

Of course, The Codhead Club is not just about such hair raising projects. I'd like to explore ways to help CVS organisations defend themselves from Cyber Attacks and deliver training to the most digitally excluded in society alongside becoming a valuable resource for the wider tech community.

But for that, we need tech professionals. Calling All Tech Professionals!